The history of Sabah or North Borneo was recorded more on verbally which not many solid document publish. Here some basic background of Sabah where it all started.

Borneo Island comprises of Brunei, Sarawak, Sabah and Indonesia. Sabah came from the word of Brunei language with the meaning of Banana where it can be found almost anywhere in the state. Sabah officially joint Malaysia in 16 September 1963 follow by Sarawak.

In early time, migration of human to Borneo dated back in 20,000 – 30,000 years which are called Australoid or Negrito. In 3000 bc the coming migration known as Austronisian mongoloid.

Years of Civilization
In 15th century, Bruneian empire running most of North Borneo and really concentration are much on area in coastal area. In 16th century, Sultan Brunei gave North East of Sabah to Sultan Sulu as token of gratitude for helping him settling the civil war in Brunei. Sultan Brunei also opens up trading post by doing trading with British, America and China.
The earliest non-Borneo pioneer of trading activities in Sabah was America. In 1865, Brunei given green light or America to conduct trading activity and given C. Lee Moses 10 years lease mainly on West Coast area. Moses than pass the lease to The American Trading Company which lead by William Torrey. The main income resource was growing coffee and sugarcane.

However, it was unsuccess and William Torrey sold it to Baron Von Overbeck and Alfred Dent which from Austria and Hong Kong. After the lease contract was over, They and W.H. Treacher a British Gabenor in Labuan approach Sultan Sulu who have right of land given by Sultan Brunei after assisting him in Civil War. Sultan Sulu agreed with Baron and Alfred terms where during that time, Sultan Sulu need assistant from British due to Spanish tend to conquer South Philipines.

On 1881, Syarikat Berpiagam Borneo Utara was established. This establishment gave British to govern Sabah as also to protect the right of native.
Rules given to SBBU are:
• SBBU cannot give or sale any part of Sabah without British Consent
• SBBU need to be fair while governing
• Foreign affairs is in under British authority
• SBBU must conserve local religion, law and custom
• SBBU must develop Sabah, encourage migration, give land to investor and monopoly in total is not allowed.
• Authorities personal elected must by British consent
• Shipping vessel from British must be allowed to land freely.

Sabah Self Govern
After the surrender of Japanese on August 1945, British North Borneo Chartered Company tend to reconstruct North Borneo due to severe destruction. However, shortage of capital causing Crown Colony Government to take over the reconstruction. After reconstruction was done, CCG granting self-govern to Sabah on 31st August 1963. On 16th September 1963, Sabah Officially joint Malaysia Federation and Tun Fuad Stephen was the first Chief Minister of Sabah.


Sabah Crest

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Sabah Current Flag


Sabah Flag 1963-1981


British North Borneo Chartered Company


W.C.Cowie and A.Cook Sultan Of Sulu


Coat of arms of the North Borneo Chartered Company